The PB & Laurels Collection

We've added two new policies which will be grandfathered in for previous customers. Trust us, now is a great time to get involved with this exclusive collection!.

The Rally Guarantee: If your polo shirt or hat is severely damaged at a rally we will provide you a replacement at half price.

Fitted Polo For a Fit Life: This applies to anyone who purchases either a 3XL or 2XL. If you drop 1 size we will provide you with a smaller polo at half price. For 3XL, if you drop two sizes, you get a FREE replacement.

An email with more details will be sent out within the next week.

As our signature collection matures, new perks will be added. Some will even take into account seniority, so certificates will be issued showing what number your polo was in the production line.

When we launch our exclusive jacket this Spring, those who have already bought a polo and hat will be given access to special pre-sale offers. Lots of perks and rewards for our loyal customers! UHURU!